Palliative Sedation


Provide consensus-based guidance on palliative sedation for palliative caregivers and health care decision makers in Europe


1. Establish a consensus panel of clinical experts on palliative sedation

2. Perform a methodologically strict multi-step consensus process based on the EAPC framework paper on palliative sedation and the research in the PallSed project

3. Draft an EAPC white paper based on the revised framework recommendations

group chairs palliative sedation Jeroen Hasselaar and Lucas Radbruch

The Task Force is chaired by Jeroen Hasselaar, Professor “social empowerment in palliative care”, Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen, the Netherlands and Department head primary care research, Nivel, Utrecht and Lucas Radbruch, Department of Palliative Medicine, University Hospital Bonn Germany.

Useful resources from the Palliative Sedation Project