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Advance care planning in dementia: conceptualisation and recommendations for practice, policy and research

Prison populations in many countries are rising, in part because of ageing populations, and as a consequence there are increasing numbers of people in prison who are approaching the end of life. In most countries there is little or no research in this area, and even where there is a growing body of research, it is still in its infancy and there remain large gaps in knowledge. In addition, different countries have different policies and approaches to dying in prison; in some places, those approaching the end of life would always be released on compassionate grounds, whilst in others compassionate release is rare. To date there has been no scoping or mapping work undertaken across European countries, so there currently exists no overview of palliative care provision for prisoners in Europe. This Task Force is beginning to address this lack of knowledge by investigating and mapping palliative care provision in different European countries.

The Task Force was launched at EAPC Congress in Madrid in May 2017. It has two main aims:

  1. To undertake scoping work in at least five countries to map the current provision of palliative care for prisoners;
  2. To develop an international network of professionals interested in palliative care for prisoners from as many European countries as possible, and other countries outside of Europe.
group chairs palliative care for people in prision Mary Turner and Kenneth Chambaere

The Task Force is chaired by Mary Turner, Reader in Health Services Research, University of Huddersfield, Uk and Professor Kenneth Chambaere, End-of-life Research Group, Ghent University & VUB, Belgium.

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