EAPC Reference Group: Palliative Care for Children & Young People

Our group aims to drive the development of accessible and high-quality palliative care for children and young people in Europe, through developing platforms to share research and experience of children’s palliative care service development. 
Research shows that the need for paediatric palliative care is rising, as medical advances are allowing for the birth and prolonged survival of children with previously rapidly fatal conditions. On the other end of the spectrum, the increased survival into early adulthood of children with life limiting or life-threatening conditions leads to the need of care transitioning, from paediatric to adult services. Therefore, the need for education and training in paediatric palliative care is not restricted to paediatric healthcare workers or services, but rather should be a goal of all those involved in providing high-quality care.

Our group is chaired by Dr Ana Lacerda, a paediatric oncologist from Portugal and Meggi Schuiling-Otten, Chief Executive Officer of the Dutch Center of Expertise in Children’s Palliative Care in The Netherlands. A full list of all our group members can be found here.

Group Resources

banner european charter on palliative care for children and young people

The European Charter on Palliative Care for Children & Young People has been translated into several languages. More translations will be included here as they are developed:



Other group resources

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