Welcome to the website of the European Association for Palliative Care

We are a membership organisation committed to supporting the promotion and development of palliative care throughout Europe and beyond. Our members are united by our vision which aspires to see palliative care availablity and accessiblity, wherever and whenever it is needed. 

The next board election will take place in June 2023, with an online voting system for eligible members. The results of the election will be announced at the EAPC General Assembly at the 18th World Congress in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on Friday the 16th June.

We are currently seeking nominations for candidates for election

We are building a new intranet for our members, which will be much more interactive, useful and functional. More details will follow soon.

For queries regarding EAPC membership or any other inquiries please email info@eapcnet.eu

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We are updating our website!

All the usual content and many new features will be available soon.
In the meantime you can access the most important information on the following page.