EAPC Board Elections 2023

The next election will take place online in June 2023. The results of the election will be announced at the EAPC General Assembly at the 18th World Congress in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on Friday the 16th June

EAPC board members:

  • Are paying members of the EAPC, either as an individual or through their National Palliative Care Association
  • Are elected for a 4-year term, with an option to be re-elected once (8-year term maximum)
  • Are expected to play a significant role in the work of the EAPC, which will help the EAPC achieve its strategic objectives. This will include being involved in:
    • The planning process for EAPC Congress and meetings
    • Attending and actively contributing to the programmes at EAPC Congress and meetings
    • Acting as the EAPC Board link on EAPC Task Force, Reference Groups and White Paper writing groups
    • Maintaining regular contact with relevant national associations/organisations and contacting associations and organisations in other countries as required
  • Are expected to commit sufficient time to be able to perform in their role as an EAPC Board member including attendance at all EAPC Board meetings (there are two 2-day in-person meetings per year and a further three meetings a year via Zoom)
Call for nominations

We are currently seeking nominations for candidates for election

In order to be nominated for election, candidates must:

  • Be a paying member of the EAPC living or working in Europe
  • Have their EAPC membership fee paid in full 
  • Be supported in writing by either their National Association or by five individual EAPC members with voting rights
  • Be actively involved in palliative care in their own country
  • Be able to give sufficient time to the activities of the EAPC and all in-person board meetings
  • Be able to understand and communicate confidently in English

*Read our first election blog where EAPC President Christoph Ostgathe explains how EAPC members can get involved in making their nominations for the next EAPC Board of Directors.

To be included as a candidate in the election, nominations must be emailed to the EAPC (info@eapcnet.eu) by midnight (CEST) on 31st March 2023.

The election process

The deadline for nominations of candidates is 31st March 2023. On receipt of the nominations, the proposed candidates will be asked to send the following information to the EAPC:
• A current Curriculum Vitae (short version only, maximum 2 pages 10pt font)
• A brief Mission Statement (150-200 words) on how they can contribute to the work of the EAPC
• A head shot photograph in JPEG

The Election candidates will be announced on 2nd May 2023. Individual EAPC members and EAPC National Association Board members who live or work in Europe have the right to exercise one vote each. Attendance at EAPC Congress is not necessary in order to vote and therefore proxy voting will not be allowed. The online vote will take place in the members area of the EAPC website and will open at 1pm (CEST) on 5th June 2023. The online vote will close at 1pm (CEST) on 16th June 2023. The new EAPC board will be announced at the General Assembly at 6pm (CEST) on 16th June 2023. The new board will then elect the EAPC President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. 

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