EAPC Researcher Awards

The Researcher Awards were created as an annual award by the EAPC in 2009. The awards are designed to recognise the work of scientists and clinicians in the field of palliative care who have recently made, or are currently making an outstanding contribution to research and clinical practice. The awards aim to highlight the individual’s career development and their potential. The awards were originally known as the Early Researcher Awards, but since 2017, there are three distinct award categories:

  • Early Researcher Award
  • Post-Doctoral Award
  • Clinical Impact Award

The recipients for these awards are chosen by the scientific committee of the congress

Winners 2023, EAPC World Congress, Rotterdam

  • Ben Bowers, UK (Early Researcher Award)
  • Liesbsth van Vliet, Netherlands (Post-Doctoral Award)
  • Sebastiano Mercadante, Italy (Clinical Impact Award)
  • Naveen Salins, India, (Clinical Impact Award)

Winners 2022, EAPC World Congress, Online

  • Silvia Gonella, Italy (Early Researcher Award)
  • Jane bates, Malawi (Early Researcher Award)
  • Peter May, Ireland (Post-Doctoral Award)
  • Kim beernaert, Belgium (Post-Doctoral Award)

Winners 2021, EAPC World Congress, Online

  • Barbara Antunes, Portugal (Early Researcher Award)
  • Erica Borgstrom, UK (Post-doctoral Award)
  • Harvey Chochinov, Canada (Clinical Impact Award)

Winners 2020, EAPC World Congress, Online

  • Lucas Morin, France (Early Researcher Award)
  • Eva Schildmann, Germany (Early Researcher Award)
  • Melissa J Bloomer, Australia (Post-doctoral Award)

Winners 2019, EAPC World Congress, Berlin, Germany

  • Maria Heckel, Germany (Early Researcher Award) 
  • Geana Paula Kurita, Denmark (Post-doctoral Award)
  • Mark Taubert, UK (Clinical Impact Award)

Winners 2018, EAPC World Congress, Bern, Switzerland

  • Anna Collins, Australia (Early Research Award) 
  • Lorna Fraser, UK (Post-Doctoral Award) 
  • Thomas Le Blanc, USA (Clinical Impact Award) 

Winners 2017, EAPC World Congress, Madrid, Spain

  • Lara Pivodic, Belgium (Early Research Award) 
  • Irene Truffrey-Wijne, UK (Post-Doctoral Award) 
  • Miguel Julião, Portugal (Clinical Impact Award) 

Winners 2016, EAPC World Congress, Dublin Ireland

  • Martin Loučka, Czech Republic
  • Bridget Candy, UK
  • Kirsten Wentlandt, Canada

Winners 2015, EAPC World Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Kathy McLaughlin, Ireland
  • Julie Kinley, UK
  • Amara Nwosu, UK

Winners 2014, EAPC World Congress, Lleida, Spain

  • Lieve van den Block, Belgium
  • Ollie Minton, UK
  • Andrew Olagunju, Nigeria

Winners 2013, EAPC World Congress, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Meera Agar, Australia
  • Jeroen Hasselaar, Netherlands
  • Barbara Gomes, Portugal 

Winners 2012, EAPC World Congress, Trondheim, Norway

  • Lucy Selman, UK
  • Stephanie Stiel, Germany
  • Matthew Maddocks, UK

Winners 2011, EAPC World Congress, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Ralf Jox, Germany
  • Saskia Jünger, Germany
  • Judith Rietjens, Netherlands

Winner 2010, EAPC Research Congress, Glasgow, Scotland

  • Joachim Cohen, Belgium

Winners 2009, EAPC World Congress, Vienna, Austria

  • Jenny van der Steen, Netherlands
  • Catherine Walshe, UK
  • Martin Fegg, Germany