Vittorio Ventafridda Memorial Lecture

Established in 2010, in honour of one of the EAPC’s founding members, Vittorio Ventafridda, a keynote speaker is selected by the Scientific Committee to deliver the Vittorio Ventafridda lecture at each biennial EAPC World Research Network Congress. Vittorio Ventafridda Memorial Lecture winners have extensive palliative care experience and are renowned for their internationally relevant research in the field of palliative care.

EAPC World Research Congress 2022


David Currow


What can we learn from controlled clinical trials in palliative care?

EAPC World Congress 2020


Stein Kaasa


From tumour centred to patient centred cancer care: A three-decade journey

EAPC World Research Congress 2018

irene-higginson photo

Irene Higginson

United Kingdom

Future-proofing Dame Cicely Saunders’ Centenary of Change: Integrating research, education and clinical care

EAPC World Congress 2016

Russell Portenoy


Palliative care services in the US healthcare system – what is the evidence?

EAPC World Research Congress 2014

photo Caraceni

Augusto Caraceni


Opioids in palliative care: How can research lead to better clinical practice?

EAPC World Congress 2012

Eduardo Bruera

Eduardo Bruera


The development of a research field over 25 years: Most important findings and their impact