National Associations Organisational Development (2007)

One aim of the Task Force was to survey national association organizational development and support their needs according to their level of development. A survey was conducted and data presented at the EAPC conference Budapest in 2007. It provided an insight into the issues, problems and solutions associated with the work of national associations, their relationships to local health systems and their impact on the provision and motivation for palliative care service delivery. 

The survey highlighted the lack of development of national associations and need for a training programme to be developed in key areas such as fundraising and advocacy. As a result, fundraising training occurred at the EAPC conference in Budapest in 2007. In October 2007, a high level advocacy meeting occurred at the European Union to present results of the survey and palliative care development in Europe. This led to a presentation in February 2008 on key issues for palliative care as part of the Slovenian EU presidency for 2008. 

It would be necessary to provide further support to national associations in Europe, including a review of what national associations are doing to scale up palliative care and development under the auspices of the “Budapest Commitments”. 

Download survey report here 

This EAPC task force was established in Spring 2006 with the aim of surveying national association organizational development and their needs. The group aimed to understand the needs of a broad spectrum of national associations across Europe. Download task force proposal form  

Aims and Objectives

The task force aimed to survey national association organizational development and find needs according to stages of development – be it beginnings, growth, maturity and decline. Based on the outcomes of this survey a training programme should be developed. The steering group recognizes the need for open communication with all national associations. It noted there were a number of different definitions of national associations and sometimes more than one national association per country. 



David Praill, CEO, Help the Hospices (until July 2015) 


Ole Bang – Denmark 
Amelia Giordano – EAPC 
Philip Larkin – EAPC and Ireland 
Natasa Millicevic – Serbia 
Dr Daniela Mosiou – Romania 
Eugene Murray – Ireland 
Nick Pahl – Help the Hospices 
Andre Rebergen – EAPC and CEO Agora, Holland