Palliative Care for Children & Young People

The Children and Young People’s (CYP) Reference Group aims to advocate for and drive the development of accessible and high-quality palliative care for children and young people through the EAPC.

The CYP Reference group brings together all those working to develop and sustain children’s palliative care services in order to expand the evidence base and share learning and research.
A Steering Group has been established to organise this work and to build the membership of the wider group.

Aims and objectives
  • To bring together the wide range of professionals working to develop children’s palliative care in European countries and provide opportunities for sharing of information, research, education and advocacy.

  • To support the development and dissemination of the evidence base in children’s palliative care through identification of specific workstreams leading to published guidelines and standards.

  • To provide educational opportunities for those working in children’s palliative care through the development of paediatric sessions at EAPC events.

  • To support the development of palliative care for children and young people across Europe, through advocacy and awareness-raising, signposting organisations to the support offered by the International Children’s Palliative Care Network, the guidelines and standards developed by the Paediatric Task Force and other useful resources.

group chairs children and young people Ana Lacerda and Meggi Schuiling-Otten
The Reference Group is chaired by Ana Lacerda, Consultant in Paediatric Oncology, Portugal and Meggie Schuiling-Otten, CEO of The Dutch center of expertise of childrens palliative care, The Netherlands.

The European Charter on palliative Care for Children & Young People

Developed by our Reference Group, the Charter aims to set out standards that can be used as a tool for empowering children, families and healthcare professionals, with regards to what they can expect, what should be available and accessible to them, and for advocating for the development of children’s palliative care services within Europe. 

Download the charter below, more translations are to follow.

Other group resources

Webinar: 13 October 2023

Advance Care Planning in Children’s palliative care. 

Webinar: 14 October 2022

Recording of the webinar held on 14th October 2022 where the group launched the ‘European Charter on Palliative Care for Children & young People with contributions from a healthcare professional, a parent and a young person.