Neurology & Palliative Care

The Reference Group in Neurology aims to support and help the development of palliative care for people with neurological disease. This includes collaboration with other organisations involved in neurological care, including the European Academy of Neurology.
The Group has helped to develop webinars on various aspects of palliative care and neurology, facilitated sessions at both the EAPC and EAN congresses, encouraged collaboration with neurological groups and services and lead on research studies across Europe.

The Group has collaborated with the EAN in aiming to develop a curriculum for neurologists and palliative care and for palliative care specialists in Neurology.

group chairs neurology and palliative care David Oliver and Simone Veronese

The Reference Group is chaired by David Oliver, Professor of Palliative Medicine, UK  with support from Simone Veronese, Palliative Care Physician and Researcher, Italy.

Group resources