EAPC Research Network Junior Forum

The EAPC Research Network – Junior Forum (RNJF) is a platform for researchers and/or clinicians, who are interested in expanding their network and improving their research career in palliative and end of life care. As such, the JF aims at helping those who are initiating research career in palliative care to become an integral part of international research, expanding knowledge of palliative care research and providing them with possibilities of connecting and working with colleagues from worldwide. Undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows are the target group. In addition, experts, senior researchers, and professors are welcome to contribute to the RNJF network.
Current activities are organization of an educational RNJF session and network activity at EAPC congresses, organization of palliative webinars, and guidance to RNJF members who would like to improve research skills and networking.

The Junior Forum presented an EAPC webinar on 18 July 2023 with a presentation on palliative care needs assessment using IPOS by Claudia Bausewein. You can see the recording of the webinar here.