European Palliative Care Day: 15 June 2023

Engaging with the campaign: Our one voice is amplified when we work together! 

Download the digital resource pack to get started. Use the content and adapt it for your own use by translating the key messages and adding your own logo’s.  Please use the resources to highlight and promote European Palliative Care Day in your networks and at events. 

Ideas for campaign activities:

1. Encourage your members and networks to highlight European Palliative Care Day at local events (conferences, study days, etc)

2. Video clips: Do you have a powerful palliative care story to tell? Then tell us in a short video. Record yourself or a colleague on your mobile phone and post it tagging @EAPCvzw Ideas for conversation starters are:

    • I had a patient once…
    • The thing about palliative care is…
    • Palliative care can make a difference because…

3. Use the social media resources in the digital pack (download the images here) and adapt them for your own use. Translate the key messages, add your logo. And then Share, share, share! 

4. Use the press release to send to your local media outlets to let them know about the European Palliative Care Day. Offer to support them with an article to highlight palliative care in your area/country.  

Share your content on social media and tag EAPC in your posts.  

Hashtags we will be using are:  

  • #EUPallCareDay23 
  • #EUPallCareDay 
  • #EAPC4all

Remember to tag EAPC on social media.

Our accounts are: