EAPC Board 2023 – 2027

We welcome all our new board members!

The new EAPC board was elected on 16th June 2023 and we are delighted to introduce them to you.
The board held their first meeting on 17th June and elected Jeroen Hasselaar as the new EAPC President.
Read each of the board members mission statements on this page.
As we look forward to working with our new board, we also want to express our sincere, heartfelt appreciation to Christoph Ostgathe and the previous board.
Christoph’s presidential term coincided with a global pandemic and a war in Europe, both of which created complex challenges to EAPC, and we are grateful for his leadership and guidance through those difficult times. 
We are thankful for the hard work and dedication of the previous board who supported the development and strengthening of the organisation. We are keen to continue to grow and build on our strong foundations with the support of the new board. 

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