New EAPC Task Force publication

Our Task Force in Occupational Therapy in Palliative Care began its work in 2019. The overall aim of the task force was to set a research agenda for intervention studies in occupational therapy in palliative care. We are delighted to see this paper published in Palliative Medicine: International consensus on occupational therapy interventions for people with palliative care needs: A European Association for Palliative Care Group Concept Mapping study.

Thank you to Marc Sampedro PileGaard and the other members of the Task Force for your time, dedication and commitment.

A short summary of the main findings:
Seventy-two occupational therapists from 15 countries participated in the study representing Asia (n = 3, 20%), Europe (n = 8, 53%), Oceania (n = 2, 13%) and North America (n = 2, 13%). A total of 117 statements were identified and organised into five clusters: (1) being client-centred, (2) promoting occupational engagement to optimise quality of life, (3) involving the social and relational environment, (4) enabling occupations and (5) facilitating occupational adaptation.

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