EAPC Research Network

The European Association for Palliative Care Research Network (EAPC RN), established in 1996 is an important focal point for the discussion and exchange of knowledge in palliative care research.  
The ultimate aim of the research network is to conduct Pan-European Prospective Studies. Networks of researchers and institutions are essential for palliative care research because the number of patients in each institution will be relatively small and insufficient for high-quality research.
A cross-sectional survey of palliative care in Europe was organised by the EAPC RN. One hundred and forty-three centres in 21 countries provided data on more than 3000 patients. This survey demonstrated the great potential of palliative care research networks to work in a coherent and collaborative fashion across many different countries and cultures.  Much groundwork has been done on which to build and develop international collaboration amongst palliative care researchers. However, most of the activities in the EAPC RN have been within the area of consensus papers on e.g. treatment modalities, prognostication, syndromes and several different symptoms. Several papers published on behalf of the EAPC RN are important achievements within the network.

The EAPC Research Network is chaired by Professor Geana Kurita, Professor Augusto Caraceni, and Professor Luc Deliens. 

The EAPC RN is an important focal point for discussion and exchange of knowledge and ideas within palliative care research.  Collaborators in the EAPC RN are those who actively take part in planning, conducting and publish EAPC RN research.  The EAPC RN provides a structure for collaborative research.
The EAPC RN offers an open invitation for all healthcare professionals who see the potential in conducting European multicentre research, to take part in developing a platform for this type of research within the EAPC RN.

  •  Provides an established structure for collaborative research 
  • Has an infrastructure for data handling and organisation of research studies
  • Acts as a focal point for discussion and exchange of knowledge
  • Hosts the biennial EAPC World Research Congress which includes the biennial Vittorio Ventafridda Lecture
  • Provides a Junior Forum for PhD students and other less experienced researchers

The EAPC RN offers an open invitation to all healthcare professionals who see the potential and value of conducting collaborative European multicentre research