Care for the Dying

How we care for the dying is perhaps the most pressing personal, social and public health issue of the 21st century.  Over 5 million people die in the EU each year, many of them in pain or symptomatic distress, alone, and/or without structured health or social care.  In collaboration with the International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person, the EAPC Task Force on Care for the Dying is committed to acting as a catalyst for change in this important area, advocating for improved end-of-life care across Europe and beyond through its delivery of research, quality improvement and education activities.  Included in this range of activities are the following: 

  • A quarterly webinar programme focusing on end of life care
  • A bi-monthly newsletter
  • Joint meetings between the International Collaborative and the EAPC Taskforce at, for example, EAPC Congresses and the Collaborative’s Annual Conference and Summer School

A significant contribution of the Task Force will be the development of an EAPC White Paper on Care for the Dying. Focusing specifically on the last hours and days of life, the paper will address physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of dying, as well as broader considerations, including cultural, societal and political factors. This document will serve as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and organisations involved in end-of-life care, offering evidence-based guidelines and recommendations to optimise the quality of care provided to dying patients and their families.

Overall, the impact of the EAPC Task Force on Care for the Dying lies in its potential to drive positive change in policies, clinical practices, interdisciplinary collaboration, caregiver support, research, and patient empowerment. By providing guidance and evidence-based recommendations, it can contribute to improving the quality of end-of-life care and promoting a more compassionate and dignified experience for dying individuals and their loved ones.

The Task Force is chaired by Professor John Ellershaw, UK and Professor Agnes van der Heide, Netherlands.


John Ellershaw

United Kingdom


University of Liverpool

Agnes van der Heide

The Netherlands


Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam

Carl Johan Fürst



Lund University

Vilma Tripodoro



Pallium Latinoamerica

Susie Wilkinson

United Kingdom


University of Liverpool

Grethe Skorpen Iversen



Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen

Mark Boughey


Associate Professor

St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

Marisa Martín Roselló



Fundación Cudeca

Catarina Simões



Escola Superior Santa Maria Saude

Naveen Salins



Kasturba Medical College Manipal

Piret Paal



Paracelsus Medical University Salzburge