Voting in the EAPC Board election

The EAPC Board election vote will open online in less than one month. 

You can vote in this election if you are:

  • An Individual member of the EAPC, based in Europe and have your 2023 membership fee paid in full. 
  • Listed on the EAPC member register as a board member of a European national association whose 2023 membership fees are paid in full.  
You cannot vote in this election if:
  • You are an EAPC member who is not based in Europe
  • Your EAPC membership fee for 2023 has not been paid. 
  • You are an associate EAPC member (you do not pay an EAPC membership fee)

If you want to vote in this election, you must have your 2023 membership fee paid by 31 May 2023.

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