EAPC Webinar: Defining Primary Palliative Care

A packed room at the EAPC Congress in Rotterdam in June enthusiastically heard the chairs of groups of primary care clinicians from Europe, Africa, Asia-pacific and Latin America outline exciting developments in their regions.  See https://eapcnet.eu/global-primary-palliative-care-at-eapc2023/  

We affirmed the potential that primary care has to provide universal access to a palliative care approach worldwide. There may be no one model, but we felt there were principles that are universal to guide innovations in high and low-income settings. We felt that we need to build a Consensus Statement regarding Primary Palliative Care (PPC) definition, scope, and framework for its implementation worldwide. Many in the room agreed to be further involved and have sent their contact details.

So, we are now inviting speakers from each region to take 10 minutes to 1) share details of one successful model, and 2) summarise what primary palliative care means in their region.  We hope to advance in the identification of the approaches or typologies that are successful globally.  After this webinar, we plan to conduct a Delphi study to gain an international consensus about how primary care services might best integrate palliative care and update the meaning of the phrase “primary palliative care”.  Thus, please do register for the webinar

You are invited to review the excellent short presentations delivered in June by each regional group:

  • Tania Pastrana: EAPC Primary Palliative Care Reference Group (link to presentation).
  • Oladayo Afolabi Chair of the Comprehensive Chronic Care and Palliative Care within Primary Healthcare Reference Group at the African Palliative Care Association (APCA) . (link to video)
  • Chamath Fernando, Chair of the Primary Palliative Care Special Interest Group at the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network (APHN)  (link to video).
  • Paola Ruiz Colombia – President of the Latin American Association for Palliative Care (ALCP) (link to video).
  • Jose Pereira, Chair of Pallium Canada, – unfortunately, we did not have time to view the video in Rotterdam (link to video).

Thank you,

Scott Murray, Founder, Reference Group Primary Palliative Care 

Tania Pastrana, Co-chair, Reference Group Primary Palliative Care  

Sébastien Moine, Co-Chair. Reference Group Primary Palliative Care 

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